Our History

Don Smith at Smith Funeral Home

If ever there was a funeral home with ties to the community, it is Smith Funeral Home. The land the building stands on used to be the Smith Dairy. The funeral home was owned by most of the Smith Family until recently, when Don, Laurene and Scott Smith became sole owners.

The business is still run by family though, and these strong bonds are part of what makes us a supportive presence in the community.

The funeral home opened in December of 1980. Don was the only family member that held a funeral director's license - in the early years, family members filled all the positions at the funeral home, from office work, cleaning and yard maintenance to helping conduct funerals and visitations.

Even though the family partnership has ended, the funeral home remains very much a Smith family business. Don, then 23 years old, became the managing director and part owner.

Scott Smith, Don and Laurene’s son, who graduated from Sir Wilfrid Laurier University in 2002, followed in his father’s footsteps and received his funeral director’s license in 2004. In 2009 Scott was named the Managing Director and hopes to continue to the professional and charismatic service that his father started 32 years ago.

We could not provide the service we do without the help of our great staff. That includes: June Machacek from Dresden, ON who joined our team in 1991, Tanya Patterson from St. Mary’s, ON who was hired on as a funeral director after she completed her apprenticeship with us in 2002, Amanda Neville from Brantford, ON who was hired in December of 2008 and our most recent funeral director, Mario DiNunzio from Sarnia who completed his licensing in 201.

In December 2001 the Smith Family Centre, located directly in front of the funeral home; was opened to provide funeral receptions and as a gathering place for family members. The family centre may be rented with or without food provided. Laurene and her staff are happy to provide luncheons complete with sandwiches, homemade desserts and relish trays, or simply tea and coffee. In 2008 The family Centre underwent a complete renovation and is now able to accommodate as many as 200 people.

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